Monday, November 2, 2009

Oh What A Beautiful Day...I've Got a Beautiful Feeling.

I am currently writing this from the floor of the studio here in the most beautiful place that I have ever witnessed fall colors. I am here with the Wu and the Producer...and the other producer - we'll call him the Saturated Fat Nazi.

Before I left for my trip, I received a couple care packages. One was from my sweet parents.

It was complete with a new Kitchen Spices candle from Bath and Body Works and some lotion. Also included was the Excedrin that will cure the inevitable headache, the country special edition of People magazine and a card that said 'may all your dreams come true.' I love you Mom and Dad. You've never been anything but enthusiastic and supportive when it comes to my ideas and hopes.

The second care package came from McWhereHaveYouBeenAllMyLife (his nickname continues to be completely fitting and increasingly more obvious). He sent me away with a Moleskine city guide for my destination - I stare at these every time I'm in Barnes and Noble. He also compiled music for each day that I will be gone on a CD. Each CD was perfectly enveloped in meticulously color coordinated wraps. Inside each envelope are letters. So far, these letters have forced me to just pause and think...oh my. I've got something here.

Will keep you posted. Here we go again!

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Pure Enjoyment said...

wow. MWHYBAML sounds amazing, I am so glad that you have met him & that he is treated you so incredibly good. :) Also that you are having a great time in Seattle. :) I hope everything goes well. I'm hearing that you are killing it out there! :)