Thursday, September 25, 2008

Just Do It

Sometimes getting back into the swing of things just requires a one step at a time approach.

Today I don't want to write - but I miss the process of sitting down to articulate a thought. Most of this time, this is conversation practice.

I'll write about a scenario that is fresh in my mind.

I'm reading this book called unChristian. The cover of the book has the word unChristian in HUGE letters. I'm embarrassed to read this book in public because I think people assume I'm reading a book about people that aren't Christian. I'm assuming they are assuming that I'm reading a book about the things that are wrong with people who don't believe in Jesus. The book is about what the church is doing wrong.

I'm frustrated because a co-worker, who I have never had a meaningful conversation with, picked up the book while I was on the phone - saw the title and put it back down. I will probably never have the opportunity to explain what the book is about. I'm pretty sure said co-worker already thinks I'm a stiff, goody-two shoes bible thumper. He probably won't bring it up ever and probably doesn't care because it's probably been lumped into his already pre-conceived notion of who I am based on the fact that I am "religious."

Here I am assuming. Being defensive over an assumption.

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